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CARR1750 to fit all 1750 & 2.0 Alfa Romeo
CARR1600 to fit all 1600 Alfa Romeo
CARR1300 to fit all 1300 Alfa Romeo

We can also order rods for a multitude of other applications. Please call for pricing and availability.



CARRILLO RODS LIST PRICE $335 to $353 each.
Racer set pricing includes the CARR BOLTS that never have to be changed for the life of the rod - rods equipped with the limited life WMC bolts list $295 - $313 each. We keep all the four cylinder Alfa units on the shelf and can order BMW, DATSUN, CHEVY, FORD, ETD. for the same price. Custom rods are available on request. Dealer and builder inquiries welcome. We also keep spare small end bushings and rod bolts on the shelf. We will sell single new rods if you happen to damage one

Carrillo Rods

*Our prices include Carr bolts that never need replacement
 ( WMC bolts should be replaced after a couple of rebuilds)

Dealer & Engine builder inquiries welcome


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